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  6. I am a senior citizen who lives alone. I haven't a phone to call I am on a fixed income, purchasing an additional phone would create a financial hardship.

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    I also have a minor disability. All that I have gone thru is documented by me. I feel abused, all well as having my civil and human rights violated. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. I was a very loyal customer of Comcast Xfinity for a while and had been contacted by Comcast for a special Promotion they were having offering me more channels line up for basically the same price that I was currently paying.

    I had informed the representative that I would be moving from current address to Newly Built home in a couple of months. Date not set as in process of being built, they advise won't be a problem. Would be able to use their transfer of services. I contacted them on the moving service dept to set up the transfer and they informed me that per checking their database there would be no issue hooking up services at the new home address.

    I go through my whole ordeal of closing and moving into new home to find that I have waited almost a month of no service being available to me while still paying for the service bills forwarded to the new address. Software complications and poor communication on Comcast part between the matter of transferring of the services as they had informed me multiple times a line surveyor would need to be sent out to see if area would be able to receive service in area. Mind you I was already informed prior to moving in the service was available.

    Now already moved in to new home and not once was I advised of there being an issue with the area it was set to be surveyed. Well this process did not go well as well as the line surveyor had told me that there was no service available in my new built home area but this info was not relayed to Comcast dept so that they can process a "cancellation of no access" in my area for my acct and I was yet again left to have to make numerous calls out to Comcast, being placed on multiple long holds to try and find a resolution to my issue, as the Comcast inside reps yet again used their database for entering my address and kept informing me that the service is available.

    There is no service availability for the area I was in. After all the ordeal with having to deal with reps, surveyors, escalation and management conversations I was simply advised I was going to be charged for breaking the contract and that there is nothing they or I can do about it. I was even harassed by a representative pawning himself off as a manager, if this is the merit you hold your managers up to I simply advised he can speak with my attorney on the matter as I am not a lawyer and he was simply trying to use legal wording and paraphrases to prove either how smart or dumb he wanted to make himself seem.

    After this I was placed with their collection dept and was contacted by multiple reps in regards the matter.

    The United States reference guide by state and county.

    I stated my point on the reason I feel I am not liable to pay this fee and they simply did not care. I did on my last account just wound up paying the fee as the rep on the line tried her best as it seemed to get this escalated but I had informed her I have taken all processes available. She had offered to get the matter addressed and it has led to being placed in her collection plate.

    I didn't want this to affect my credit report and this was the only reason I paid this fee.

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    Comcast was a good service provider until there is an issue with them that requires more than just a computer to resolve, there was no customer service here just ways to collect on the matter. Very disappointed! I would like to be added to that growing list. I live in a 1, square foot, single story house. Just a plain, simple home! I could not get internet connection from one end of the house to the other.

    I purchased a booster thinking that would help. No such luck. I have called Xfinity many, many times explaining the issue Never once did they offer to send a tech. Oh, and before all this - we did have two modems, one price, one account and great internet connection. My hubby went to the Xfinity Store to exchange a remote that wasn't working.

    With that - one modem was turned off - why?!?! Who knows - except Xfinity. Telling the customer service people this - did no good. I am the only account - and now I need two of me to get another modem? How does that work?

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    I am paying one bill for TV, phone and internet and now another bill for just the internet. I have been made into two people with one service in the same house - using my middle initial to open the second account. Can Xfinity get any more greedy? Oh - why yes they can Trying to make a payment online was not working the bill is not due til' next month. So, I called. So, suppose you are late on your bill and want to make it right by paying over the phone.

    People who are late, usually are, as they are short on funds. I know, that is not Xfinity's problem.

    However, how greedy can you get Xfinity? Going on 3 days now. Covington Meadows Housing House Rules Covington Meadow Landscape Plan. Addendum 1.

    Pre-bid Meeting Covington Meadow Oct 16, Addendum 3 Part Public Housing Schedule of Maintenance Charges. Addendum 3 Part 2.