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Wood is susceptible to insects, fire and moisture. There are several different kinds of beetles, ants and bees that love to bore into the wood for various reasons: some to eat the wood, some to live in it and some to lay eggs in it. And once they get into your siding, they can get into the wood framing and subflooring of your home, causing massive structural and financial issues throughout the entire home.

The 4 Most Popular Siding Materials for Homes

And if the wood becomes wet and absorbs water, it can swell, buckle or begin to rot. Therefore, wood is usually painted or stained to help create a moisture barrier. This allows moisture to infiltrate, which can then cause more lifting and peeling of the paint, exposing more of the wood and allowing rot to begin. To prevent this, the old paint or stain needs to be scraped off and removed every few years and new treatment reapplied.

Why You Don’t Want Wood Siding

In addition, if too much time passes between applications of new paint or stain, the wood itself can become compromised, which means that the wood itself will need to be replaced. Replacement boards, labor for scraping the old paint and the cost of the new paint all add up to high maintenance costs over the lifetime of the siding. Vinyl siding is made of polyvinyl chloride, a tough form of plastic. The color is mixed right into the material, so it goes all the way through the panel, rather than sitting on top like a paint.

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Try this product on your next project now using Home Designer 2. Start Designing. Finding the best way to ventilate an attic in your home can become a real thermal nightmare. It seems like too much time intensive work to scrape all the paint on the ceiling off the porch and repaint it. A frieze runner is a variation of the J-channel commonly used in vinyl soffits. Wrap the soffits and fascias on your home with prefinished aluminum and you'll never have to scrape, prime or paint those roof edges again. But if the soffit plywood was in poor shape, stained, rotted, needs painting, a better alternative is to simply remove the soffit wood entirely and replace all of it with perforated vinyl panels.

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Vinyl siding products have a "hem" which is basically a female and male connection between adjacent pieces. Caulk and seal with O. Mecart acoustic panels are made of perforated galvanized steel with an absorbent mineral wool inside. See our photo below.

50 Stunning House Siding Ideas

Bucking water is an age old roofing term that, essentially, means that materials should be lapped as to allow the flow of water off of the plane of the roof and flashing details. Bonderized is NOT a paint finish and there is no paint warranty. One of her best tips is to take old paint and have it re-tinted Valspar "ancient stone" is a popular color for many room renovation projects. Many homeowners are not aware that vinyl siding can be successfully painted.

Inlet vents may be of the manufactured type, either slotted or perforated, and installed as individual units or in a continuous strip.

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  8. Another added bonus would be to get ridge vents that will add airflow through the attic space. A mate of mine is in process of buying a house built in the sixty's the valuer has pointed out that soffits water tank and garage roof are of asbestos 9white cement board type his missus is now in a panic saying that they will both die!!! Circular Soffit Vents To be fitted before or after the installation of soffit boards. However, panel siding, T , and board siding lay flat against the sheathing wrap and do not provide any drainage or dryiing space.

    With the right paint and appealing color options, you can give your customer's home a whole new look—without investing in new siding. And then it still looks like OSB. Treat the soffit with a special acidic base coat, formulated for metallic surfaces. You won't see these rear surfaces, but they need the protection of the paint. New and used items, cars, real estate, jobs, services, vacation rentals and more virtually anywhere in Thunder Bay.

    Big value, bigger curb appeal.

    Contact us today. There are several different types of soffit vents available including continuous, circular and perforated vents made for vinyl siding. Perforated aluminum is an excellent option for designs of all types. Pewter Grilles are hand woven from steel ribbons which are then powder coated to give an extremely hard wearing paint finish. Try a small spot like it would say on the bottle, Try some chlorine Chlorox in a spray bottle and protect yourself and wear eye protection and a rain poncho.

    Guaranteed best price!.

    Vinyl Siding Panels

    Available in regular and heavy gauge for long lasting performance. Constructed from our hardest aluminum soffit, it offers rigid performance across long spans and eliminates the toughest maintenance chores, especially in hard-to-maintain areas like under eaves. D5 Vented Woodgrain Double 5 Soffit White The 10 inch Perforated Woodgrain Double 5 inch Soffit gives your home a finished look and virtually eliminates maintenance in those hard-to-reach areas, like under the eaves and over porches.

    Adding soffit panels to your roofing system can be looked at in two fold - purely for aesthetics and as a first line defense against wind, rain, and pests from entering. If you attempt to paint your aluminum soffit the same way you would a surface made of wood, heavy flaking will ultimately ensue.

    My 30 year old house has brown perforated aluminum soffit. Consideration was given to chemical, heat, and water spray. PVC Supreme Soffit. Soffit and fascia advantages are:. I have seen many where some dummy has put a brush and roller to em and filled up the holes. Spray — Pressure washing soffits and gutters requires a high pressure spray pattern.

    How to Install Attic Soffit Vents. The Matrix soffit system will add an elegant touch to any commercial or residential project. Installation over existing soffit When installing InvisiVent Soffit over an existing solid wood soffit, you must cut openings into the existing soffit to provide adequate airflow through. Pac Soffit Panels Petersen offers a pre-formed soffit panel suitable for both commercial and residential use.

    What may have started as a cheaper alternative to traditional finish products is now found on houses in all price ranges.

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    Vented panels are almost always inches long and can come in styles that are hidden or show perforated openings along the course of run. This is a painted panel designed to look like real Corten and it looks excellent BOTH from up close and from a distance. When painted wood absorbs water, it takes a long time to dry.

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    Above the rest. Input project size, product quality and labor type to get Wood Siding material pricing and installation cost estimates.