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Which one it is, is set by the service provider when they set up the service. Receiving a message from a shortcode may be free or may incur a premium rate charge. This charge is set by the service provider. Some services send one message, others send multiple messages over time as a subscription service. Other voice services also use voice shortcodes. While calls to are generally 15p per call, note that these calls are free from a BT callbox payphone, giffgaff mobile, or vodafone pay-as-you-go mobile.

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Additional funding from the Home Office will mean that calls to will be free-to-caller from all landline and mobile providers from 1 April Virgin Media on all landline tariffs and Virgin Mobile on all tariffs now offer free calls to Retail pricing for calls to numbers will change from 1 October This follows from the Ofcom consultation in Ofcom is setting a cap on termination rates for calls to numbers to be at the same level as for calls to mobile numbers. This is currently 0. Ofcom expects calls to numbers to become inclusive in allowances on the same basis as calls to mobile numbers or otherwise charged at the same rate as a call to a mobile number.

Chargeable calls: — landline and mobile numbers allocated in CI and IoM, — Corporate numbers starting , — VoIP numbers starting , — Pager numbers starting , — non-geographic numbers starting , , , , , — DQ numbers starting Further simplification with the , , , and ranges may happen in the coming years. Load more comments Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Please let me know by e-mail when there is a reply to my message.

Please enter a phone number to find out the cost: Enter a UK number. All phone numbers beginning with or are UK freephone numbers. Since July , it has always been free to call one of these numbers, either from a UK landline or a mobile. These phone calls will also not count towards your inclusive allowance of minutes. Contact Vodafone on their customer care phone number 30 40 to upgrade your mobile handset, for broadband enquiries and to top up the credit on your pay as you go bill.

Phone Vodafone by calling their customer care contact number 30 40 to upgrade your current handset, to order a new SIM card and to switch to a pay monthly contract. Alternatively if you are calling from a mobile you can dial to contact Vodafone for free, which is useful if you are having technical difficulties using the internet on your phone or if your SMS text messages are not being sent.

You can also contact this call centre to report that their network is down in your local area, they will then send engineers to repair the fault in the affected telecommunications mast.

This is also the main billing enquiries helpline for Vodafone therefore if you suspect that you have overpaid on your recent phone bill you can dial this number to request a refund, which is particularly useful if your children make unwanted in-app purchases whilst on certain mobile games.

However if you are calling from a Vodafone handset or if you are using free inclusive minutes from your provider then you can phone them for free. Yes, it is indeed very confusing. More so because they said that amazon is the service provider of that number although, they may have just explained it wrong, more likely meaning it's a sim that has been provided to Amazon.

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In general, I can't complain as he was the most helpful person I've spoken too. I've been scratching my head with all possibilities. Either way, strange. There is no mobile provider service that is Amazon, and he explained that amazon post-paid services was now the owner of that number. I think I will try to call them again and get a clearer answer.

I've actually just spoken to them again. They told me exactly the same as the previous agent, that the number is in fact with a service provider Amazon Post-Paid and they are unable to allocate that number to me. On the plus side, however, they said if the number was available that they could quite easily allocate it to me. The lady who I have to say was very helpful as I grilled her with one million questions, informed me that she can't tell the status of the number with Amazon, as she even tried to locate the sim via the serial number of the SIM that it is linked too but was unable to determine this.

She said that if she could locate the SIM and number by searching the serial number she would be able to see the current status and find out the possibility of relocating it.

I'm thinking it's also likely that number may have been with this 'evasive' Amazon post-paid service and after a while of disconnection, it may come back to Vodafone. For anybody who is interested, or for those who experience a similar issue in the future, the case was as Annie explained.

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I ended up calling through to Vodafone Business, as they know they are UK based and may be able to give a definitive answer. They confirmed that the number is with Vodafone, but it is with Amazon for 'Pre-Paid' use. Basically, one of the SIM's amazon either give away with phones or sell. I did eventually call to Amazon but they have no way of tracking it, however, they were very helpful.

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I've got the very same issue like Mark. Is there any chance to retrieve it somehow? I'm happy to pay any extra cost. Hi I have an old number that was originally Vodaphone and then migrated to O2. If the number was migrated to an alternative network and cancelled, the number would have been returned to the originating network for recycling and reissue.

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It would be unlikely Vodafone would be able to find the number, it will be lost and may even be in use. Its not in use, I checked that by calling it! Also O2 my last provider says its not in use. Can you help me find the number, i'd like it back if possible. My husband has the series number for it and I should not have given it up in the first place. However, it could be anyway in the system and would be impossible to locate.

If the number was important to you, all the more reason to have kept the SIM active and in use. Funny, actually, as I've just received updates of activity within my post again. Just the other day I was calling again to see if there had been a release on the number or if there was any other solution to retrieve this. I have to say the confusing factor here is what eventually happens to numbers. Even though they, in theory, do belong to a provider, is there a point where they will just never use them again?

As I got the same story the other day on the phone but he used a different description of what had happened to the number.