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Sunday's most famous sermon was "Get on the Water Wagon", which he preached on countless occasions with both histrionic emotion and a "mountain of economic and moral evidence. I have been, and will go on, fighting that damnable, dirty, rotten business with all the power at my command.

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When the tide of public opinion turned against Prohibition, he continued to support it. After its repeal in , Sunday called for its reintroduction. Sunday also opposed eugenics , recent immigration from southern and eastern Europe, [74] and the teaching of evolution. Sunday's popularity waned after World War I, when many people in his revival audiences were attracted to radio broadcasts and moving pictures instead. Tragedy marred Sunday's final years.

His three sons engaged in many of the activities he preached against, and the Sundays paid blackmail to several women to keep the scandals relatively quiet. Then the Sundays' daughter, the only child actually raised by Nell, died in of what seems to have been multiple sclerosis. Nevertheless, even as the crowds declined during the last 15 years of his life, Sunday continued accepting preaching invitations and speaking with effect. In early , he had a mild heart attack, and his doctor advised him to stay out of the pulpit.

Sunday ignored the advice. He died on November 6, a week after preaching his last sermon on the text "What must I do to be saved? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the fictional character, see Men of Honor. Story County, Iowa , U. Chicago , Illinois , U. McLoughlin, Jr. Martin, 2. Martin, 4—5. According to Lyle Dorsett, Sunday was "much better educated than the typical American.

In rare form: a pictorial history of baseball evangelist Billy Sunday. University of Iowa Press. Retrieved In , Anson recalled that his aunt "finally induced me to give Billy a chance in Chicago. She was what you call a dyed-in-the-wool fan and never missed a game the Marshalltown club ever played.


Anson of the Chicago team had an aunt in Marshalltown that I became a big leaguer. She praised my playing to Anson, told him I was about the fastest fielder on earth and insisted that he give me a chance with Chicago and he agreed. However, contemporary newspaper accounts report eleven strikeouts at most, with two of his other at-bats reported simply as outs, probably not made by striking out.

Sunday's verifiable strikeouts-in-a-row are four. Knickerbocker, 31— Sunday had been uncomfortable with this race and tried to withdraw. Anson persuaded Sunday to run because a great deal of money had been bet on the outcome, some of it put up by Sunday's teammates. In later years he regretted having been involved in a gambling event. The win was noted by contemporary newspapers, including the Chicago Tribune November 9, , quoted in Knickerbocker, 47 , as "by three yards", or about ten feet.

Sunday "attended one game of the World series, but declared himself so disgusted with the umpiring that he stayed away from the remaining contests. Sunday could never remember the date of this experience, although he made repeated reference to it. The oft-told conversion story poses a number of chronological difficulties. The best explication of the problems and their partial solutions is Knickerbocker, 59—63, 79— One newspaper reporting on the Garner revival "to be conducted by W.

Lynn was employed by the Sundays for twenty years; she effectively became a member of the Sunday family and died in their house. Firstenberger has documented more than seventy individuals who were members of the Sunday evangelistic team through the years of Billy Sunday's ministry. Virginia Asher and her husband William had known the Sundays since the s and had previously worked for Dwight L. Moody and other evangelists. Asher organized permanent, post-campaign "Virginia Asher Councils" to continue work among those who, during that period, were called "businesswomen.

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MacDonald was also an assistant in Billy Sunday, the Man and Method. Murray Press. Barton , likewise attacked Sunday's pulpit manner, "We wish he would stop his profanity We wish he were a gentleman He is a harsh, unjust, bad-tempered man William E.

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February 4, Sunday Comes to Chicago". The Advance. Retrieved 24 May Indiana University Press. Fundamentalist leader Bob Jones, Jr. Bob Jones [Jr. The pudding was designed to bake in the oven during his sermon and be ready when the family came home from the meeting. The movie stars won, 1—0, and Sunday jokingly complained that his team could not get a break from the umpires, Mary Pickford and Charlie Chaplin. Wilbur Chapman, wrote that he could not think of a time that Sunday had "had opportunity for conversation" that he had not asked, "Do you need any money?

A good description of the house and its furnishings is in Firstenberger, 80— In her will, Nell Sunday donated the house and its collection of artifacts as a museum. Although preached in colloquialisms, Sunday's theology was fairly sophisticated and "orthodox in its basic ingredients".

A short but striking first-person account of Sunday's Syracuse campaign by a Universalist clergyman is Frederick W. Betts was clearly disgusted by Sunday but awestruck by the power of his personality and sermons over even his educated acquaintances. Sunday's library included a copy of Thomas W.

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Robert G. Ingersoll with underlined text and marginal notes. Martin, — As a prize-fighter he gained nothing but his crooked nose, his celebrated vocabulary, and his stage-presence. The service of the Lord had been more profitable. Sunday in turn referred to Lewis as a member of "Satan's cohort. Sandburg wrote, "You come along squirting words at us, shaking your fist and calling us all dam fools so fierce the froth slobbers over your lips Go ahead and bust all the chairs you want to. Smash a whole wagon load of furniture at every performance.

Turn sixty somersaults and stand on your nutty head. If it wasn't for the way you scare the women and kids I'd feel sorry for you and pass the hat. I like to watch a good four-flusher work, but not when he starts people puking and calling for the doctors. Sunday apparently never either praised the Klan nor denounced it McLoughlin, — According to Larson, Sunday's Memphis campaign of February featured both a special night for African Americans and an "unofficial Klan night.

Sunday said, "If you turn hell upside down, you will find 'Made in Germany' stamped on the bottom. Sunday preached that "whiskey and beer are all right in their place, but their place is in hell. During Prohibition, Sunday's revival theme song, "Brighten the Corner Where You Are", is said to have become a drinking song in the blind pigs. A line in the popular Frank Sinatra song " Chicago ", written by Fred Fisher in the s, refers to Chicago as "the town that Billy Sunday couldn't shut down. As proof Sunday quoted 2 Peter that "one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.

Although Sunday assured Bryan that "all the believing world is back of you in your defense of Christ and the Bible", Sunday declined to come to Dayton.

go here Sunday's views were caricatured in P. Wodehouse 's short story, "The Aunt and the Sluggard" My Man Jeeves in which the fictional revival preacher Jimmy Mundy says that "the tango and the fox-trot were devices of the devil to drag people down into the Bottomless Pit. He said that there was more sin in ten minutes with a negro banjo orchestra than in all the ancient revels of Nineveh and Babylon. In a letter to his wife, Sunday wrote that "all we have earned in the last 5 years has gone to Millie", Billy, Jr.

Although Sunday's four children contracted nine marriages, Billy and Nell Sunday had only three grandchildren. The grandchildren, in turn, contracted five marriages that resulted in only one great-grandchild, who apparently died childless. Therefore, fifty years after his death, Sunday had no known living descendants.

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